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You may have checked your Mac OS X console and seen something similar to the following flooding your logs:

7/01/12 10:59:34.698 PM ([52566]) bootstrap_register() erroneously called instead of bootstrap_check_in(). Mach service:
7/01/12 10:59:34.700 PM ([52566]) Exited

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Akamai Console log entries in Mac OS X

I started receiving the following errors every 10 seconds or so in my Console Logs:

27/03/10 4:59:21 AM[107] (com.akamai.client.plist[323]) Bug: launchd_core_logic.c:4103 (23932):13
27/03/10 4:59:21 AM[107] (com.akamai.client.plist[323]) posix_spawn(“/Applications/Akamai/”, …): No such file or directory
27/03/10 4:59:21 AM[107] (com.akamai.client.plist[323])

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