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Installing TheForeman 1.15 and Puppet 4.10 on CentOS 7, plus Windows/Linux Agents

This post is really a quick capture of a fellow blogger’s post for the procedure to install Puppet 4.10 on CentOS 7 with Foreman.

Post Install of CentOS 7

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How To Install Windows On Your Mac When All Else Fails

This one is more of a note for me than anything else.

Early Macs (such as our 2007 Mac Mini) have 64 bit CPUs but only support 32 bit UEFI. Things get annoying and complicated when installing dual boot.

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3D Acceleration in Windows 10 on VMware Workstation Pro 12 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

So, playing around with Workstation 12 on Ubuntu 16.04 and I found when booting a freshly installed copy of Windows 10 Pro, I’d get an alert that 3D acceleration was not working.

I thought this was Odd as it was … Read the rest

Obtaining Windows embedded serial key for Surface Pro 3 using Linux

So after switching to Ubuntu on my Surface Pro 3 it occurred to be I would like to virtualise my Windows 10 instance in VMware workstation 12.

Unfortunately before blasting my windows partition away I didn’t grab my Windows Serial … Read the rest

ATen IP 8000 KVM PCI Card

So recently I bought an Aten IP 8000 KVM PCI Card from eBay, it was 2nd hand and a ¼ of the price of other ones at the time (around 90 dollars AUD). When it arrived the eBay listing … Read the rest

Linux ADDS and WinStore problems

So you have been to Richard’s blog at and you now have a running Linux ADDS but your windows Store no longer works and throws one of the 2 following errors:

  • Windows Store Error – Unable to download apps
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