Connecting Wanhao Duplicator i3 using Simplify3D in Linux

I’ve purchased a Balco printer (Australian re-badge of the Wanhao Duplicator i3) and have been having a great time testing prints.

While many will advise to use the SD Card for transferring GCode, I find using the USB port to be easier when testing/fine tuning. Although I will likely move to the SD Card, or Octroprint for longer prints once the printer is tuned in.

Unfortunately I had some initial issues connecting to the printer using Simplify3D on Ubuntu Linux, fortunately the fix was easy.


When attempting to connect to the printer the software would eventually time out and disconnect. I was unable to send prints from Simplify3D or control the printer from the software.


1. Ensure your printer is physically connected via the provided USB cable.

2. Confirm the Baud rate configured on the printer itself, by default this should be 115200. On my Balco I did this by going to Configuration -> General -> Baudrate

3. In Simplify3D, go to Tools -> Firmware configuration

  1. Go to the communication tab
  2. uncheck ‘Wait for startup command’
  3. Click save

4. In Simplify3D, go to Tools ->Machine Control Panel

  1. Ensure your Baud rate is the same as step 2.
  2. Ensure the correct port is selected
  3. Click connect

5. In the communication tab on the same panel, check to ensure you are receiving a steady output of Read/Sent commands.

6. You should now find you can control your X/Y/Z from the Jog Controls tab, as well as print directly from Simplify3D.





    Yes I’m using what the display on the Wanhao says its configured for, 115200, which is the same as I have set in repetier- host.

  2. Seb

    What should I select for “firmware type”?

    • Joshua Venter

      Hi Seb,

      Apologies for the slow response. Although you would have figured this one out, for anyone looking for the information the Balco/Cocoon Create/Wanhao i3 uses a melzi board running Marlin firmware. You will want to select RepRap (Marlin/ Repetier/Sprinter) in Simplify3D.

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