Performing some OVF deploys and I came across this. In this instance I was initially using the ESXi 6 Host Client (Host is not yet attached to vCenter).

I was just importing these via the Host Client, and thought it was perhaps an issue with the client.

Attempting to deploy using ovftool gave the same response:

At this stage I did some further googling and found the issue was with the OVF file itself. It seems when I exported the VM to OVF, I still had an ISO mounted to the CDROM drive or had the ISO image option specified.

Cracking open the OVF file and searching for cdrom found the following:

A quick change of <rasd:ResourceSubType>vmware.cdrom.iso</rasd:ResourceSubType> to <rasd:ResourceSubType>vmware.cdrom.atapi</rasd:ResourceSubType> fixed the issue.

Please note as we have changed the OVF file, the manifest ( will no longer be valid. You will need to delete this. If you do not you will get an error similar to this below:

Just ditch the mf file and attempt to deploy again and you should be good to go:

Thanks goes to this VMWare communities thread for the answer.