I’ve taken the plunge and moved from Windows on my Surface Pro 3 to Ubuntu, and while the migration wasn’t so bad it can be challenging to find software that does what you need on Linux when you are used to Windows/Mac OS X.

Here’s some replacement programs with instructions to install.

Note I have also included programs that do exists on Linux (some to my surprise)

Replacement: Keepass is available for Linux
Install via apt-get:

Replacement: Steam is also available for Linux
Install Instructions

Replacement: Spotify also exists for Linux
Install Instructions

VMware Workstation Pro
Replacement: VMware Workstation Pro also exists for Linux. You could also use Virtual Box which is free if you’d prefer.
Install Instructions

Replacement: I am using OneDrive and OneNote Online via Firefox for the moment.

Fusion 360
Replacement: For the moment I have settled on VMware workstation running Fusion 360 on a Windows VM. This isn’t ideal but it works. You could look at OpenCAD or one of the other many CAD applications available for linux. I am looking forward to the day that Project Leopard is released and we can have a Fusion 360 experience in the browser.

3D Printer Slicer – Cura / Simplify3D / Slic3r
Replacement: I was very happy to see that all of these are available for Linux, so no issues there.