Recently I started experiencing an issue where VMs running bridged mode networking via VMware Workstation (v 15) stopped communicating with the host and vice versa.

In this instance other devices on the network could connect to both the host and VM, but not to each other.

After some googling I came across a forum post where users were discussing several different methods to resolve the issue. One user mentioned uninstalled Check Point VPN fixed the issue for them.

This reminded me I had installed Check Point VPN for work and the issue started occurring at roughly the same time.

I came across this article on the Check Point site which described the issue exactly, however frustratingly the solution was behind a login that required a support contract. Whilst I should be able to get this resolved through my work, I decided to investigate further.

The KB itself gives enough away to show a way forward.

The problem in my case was due to IPv4 Checksum offloading. I needed to disable this on my NIC to resolve the issue. As soon as this was completed the host and VM could communicate again.

Go into the properties for your NIC and the advanced tab, find ‘Offloading Options’ or ‘IPv4 Checksum Offload’ and set it to disabled.